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"Since using Rescue Me! our adoptions have really increased. For several years we have been posting on another well known national site. The response from Rescue Me! has been substantially better." ― Laurie Beauchamp, Fur and Feather Animal Assistance, Inc.

"Our rescue group has its own website but our animals weren't getting noticed much. Since we started using Rescue Me!, We have had so many dogs adopted out! Thank you, Rescue Me!" — Jackie Walters, Animal House Shelter

"Rescue Me! helps so many pets get adopted! I am proud to say that our shelter is a part of your organization! Keep up the wonderful work you do, and thank you so much!" — Brittney Wright, Conway Animal Welfare Unit

"My rescue has used Petfinder for years. I just started using Rescue Me! and have had twice the responses from people who are loving, and just wanting to save a life. I have had so much success, I would choose Rescue Me! to post any animal." — Darcy Del Castillo, Traveling Paws

"Daisy had been on Petfinder for months, but just one day after posting on Rescue Me! I received an application for her, and she has gone to live in her 'forever' home!" — Cheryl Goodman, MidSouth Pug Rescue

"Mr. Nate was listed on Petfinder, and no interest was shown for this highly loveable guy. After being posted on Rescue Me!, within a few hours his new owners called wanting to meet this guy! He is now in his new home with his new family." — Monica Benton, Cause for Paws

We are a 501c3 nonprofit. All services are 100% free. Get started today by following the steps below:

Step 1 Create an Animal Posting Account
Posting accounts for animal shelters and rescue groups are different than those for individuals. If you already have been posting as an individual, you will need to create a new "shelter" account to use the special features reserved for shelters and rescue groups. Any legitimate shelter or rescue group can create one of these accounts. If you don't already have a shelter posting account, click here now to create one. While many rescue groups are nonprofit organizations, this is not a requirement to post animals on Rescue Me! Anyone who does legitimate rescue work can setup a posting account.

Step 2 Create a Free RescueMe.Org "Domain Name" for your Organization
In addition to appearing within the Rescue Me! site itself, your posted animals will also appear on a special Rescue Me! web page just for your organization.

Please log into the shelter posting account created in Step 1 above, then click on the My Settings tab to create your free domain.

View a sample shelter page here: Fur and Feather Animal Assistance

You can create whatever available RescueMe.Org subdomain you want. For example, the group above is using http://FurAndFeather.RescueMe.Org

Simpler, shorter domains work best. For example, if your group is "Southern Dog Rescue League" you might want to choose "SouthernDog.RescueMe.Org" or "SDRL.RescueMe.Org" rather than the longer and harder to type or remember "SouthernDogRescueLeague.RescueMe.Org".

Step 3 Start Posting and Get Adoption Enquiries Immediately
Most groups start to receive adoption enquiries within a few hours of posting their first animals. It usually takes 5 to 10 minutes for newly posted animals to appear on our network. Within an hour of posting, Rescue Me! reviews new posts and begins alerting potential adoption candidates. While many groups tell us they receive their most qualified adoption candidates from Rescue Me!, always follow your standard screening and application procedures for any potential adoptees.

For best results, upload a high quality photograph with each post. You can also include a YouTube or Facebook video with any of your posts.

Step 4 Add the Free Rescue Me! "Shelter Widget" to Your Website
As your animals are posted, a custom "Widget" will be created that you can embed within your homepage and/or other pages of your site. Some shelters like to embed this widget on every page of their site for maximum animal visibility. Here's a sample widget for Fur and Feathers:

Adding the widget is simple, just copy and paste the following code into your web pages wherever you want the widget to appear:

IMPORTANT: Change "9999999" to the 7-digit Shelter Login ID assigned to your group when you first created your shelter posting account.

Questions or Problems?
Call 1-800-800-2099 ext. 9696 for assistance. If nobody answers, please leave a cell number where we can reach you within 12 hours.

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